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Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Versus Normal Aspects of Aging?

Many older adults begin to worry if they forget something or have difficulty in finding the right word once in awhile. As we age however it is normal for many individuals to notice some changes in memory, attention, focus, and even mild word finding. These changes are normal aspects of aging and certainly do not indicated that someone has dementia. However cognitive changes can cause anxiety, worry, and fear for many. This stress due to uncertainty can have negative effects on one's physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive health. Seeking clarity through an expert in aging and cognition is always best as this provides peace of mind and clarity!

It is very normal to once in awhile temporarily forget someones name, misplace an item, have to make a to do list, or even forget for a moment where you are going or what you were getting. Dementia is not always simply forgetting your keys - it is forgetting what your keys are for.

So what changes do warrant further medical evaluation?

  • Showing a consistent and worsening pattern of forgetfulness and memory loss, especially short term memory.

  • Challenges in carry out familiar daily tasks - such as meal prep, calculating a tip, writing a check, or becoming confused over the correct change when shopping.

  • Problems with communication, mixing up words, problems following a conversation, and frequent word finding challenges.

  • Significant changes in judgement, reasoning, personality, or mood.

  • Challenges with planning, organizing, problem solving, reasoning, computations, reading, and in routine task completion.

  • Coordination, depth perception, and motor function challenges.

  • Confusion over time, place, situation, , hallucinations, agitation, paranoia, or disorientation.

If you or a loved one are having routine challenges in remembering, learning new things, completing routine tasks, concentrating, or making decisions that affect aspects of daily living contact one of our team members to schedule a cognitive evaluation with recommendations. We can help to provide clarity and a path forward.

Reach out today if you need guidance on next steps as we are here to support and guide the way...


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