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When to Hire a Care Manager?

Find out real answers through a care management consult!
When Do You Need a Care Manager?

For many people healthcare is a confusing maze of consults, paperwork, and uncertainty that seems endless and without clear answers, support, guidance, or compassion. And once a loved one begins to have health problems, the situation becomes even more challenging, as life becomes filled with constant questions and concerns....

" What do these test results mean?"

"What are these medications for?"

"Who can I call for home care that will actually care or show up?"

" Does my loved one need memory care?"

"How do I fund care?"

" How can I prevent my father from falling?"

"Can they still execute a power of attorney?"

"How do we activate our long term care insurance and what does it really cover?"

"How can we maximize funds for the future?"

"What is really going on with my mother's health?"

"How am I going to manage her care at home, does she need a nursing facility? If so, how do I choose one??"

"Who is going to take her to all these appointments/tests?"

"Do we need an eldercare attorney?"

Life suddenly becomes a never-ending cycle of worry and wonder for so many. If you feel this way, it may be time to contact a care manager.

Care Managers are truly experts in this area, knowing how to manage these types of situations by provide clear answers to your questions and forming a stable path forward.

An RN Care Manager is an expert in managing complex disease processes and medical situations. They will initially do a thorough consultation, medical chromology, and evaluation which will serve as the foundation for a more structured, plan for care and services with recommendations for the best possible steps in moving forward. The goal is to provide stability and a detailed, yet fluid, plan for moving forward to maximize funds, minimize costs, and enhance quality all in alignment with one's expressed wishes! Care Managers serve ongoing as a point of contact, liaison, educator, and advocate, providing a variety of customized services to fit individual needs. See our services area on our homepage for more details on services available.

From medication and chart reviews, cognitive evaluations, distant family support, guardian and conservator support, expediting and coordinating diagnostics and consults, attending and taking detailed notes at physician visits, performing routine health monitoring, managing quality of care challenges in facilities and at home, helping to coordinate estate sale services, multi state relocations, best fit for care community relocation, resistance to care, mangment of complex dementia behaviors de-cluttering, advocacy and more - a Care Manager is truly an effective team member to have on board!

Care management not only decreases long-term costs to the individual but also helps to maximize funds for care along with effectively supporting the health and wellness of the client and reducing stress and anxiety for loved ones. If you or your family member is beginning to feel overwhelmed or need guidance, reach out today and speak with a Care Manager in your area to get things back on track and put some of your worry aside! Long-term care insurance often covers the cost of a Care Manager.

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